Lord William: MMA/ Master Key 🔑 Week 1

Like Mark, I carried Think and Grow Rich around with me for over twenty- (five in my case) years. Loved the idea of it, the mental ”kick” it gave me, but never really softening and subscribing to its syllabus of mental habit correction, never allowing myself the time to follow its instruction to the letter, while noticing myself never fully doing the work, the inner work, consistently.

I do remember when I picked up TGR for the first time, in my late twenties, and read it (mistakenly, i.e., passively) as a ”book.”

There was a palpable electric current or surge I experienced physically in my body that on some level I knew I wasn’t ready to handle or process at that time.

My expensive university miseducation hadn’t prepared me to learn about myself like this!

I was not a match for its vibratory promise/force. Then.

I wasn’t ready for it’s wonderfully subversive voltage.

A few years later, and enter Og Madino.

I really tried with this one. I did, I think. Maybe.

I’d read the scrolls as a literary exercise. Again, not as intended. Or, I would read the scroll for that month once a day, not three. Sometimes I would read the scroll twice in one day. But if I ever read the scroll as instructed, meaning three times daily, which was rare, inevitably I would fail or ”forget” to read that scroll again for the next two or three days that followed.

Throughout the month I would find myself drifting to certain other scrolls I liked better and just randomly reading those scrolls instead.

I never read the scrolls in correct order and or in the correct cadence.

F@@@@@@ Madness!

Selective adherence followed by binge adherence followed by non-adherence.


Enter the guy on the beach in Hawaii. I had been very selectively watching his vids in my inbox.

For years!

I hate network marketing, so I never got beyond the nice background scenery and the success cliches.

But something about him resonated, he looked relaxed, despite his promises of a better life.

Enter Now. Fifty-something ME. And this Mastermind/ Master Key thing.

Is the student 🧑‍🎓finally ready to SURRENDER (i.e. listen) ?

Stay tuned!

Lord William

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