Masterkey Experience, Week Middling: The Loaves and the Fishes, and Shakespearean Wishes

“It hath been taught us from the primal state, That he which is was wish’d until he were; And the ebb’d man, ne’er loved till ne’er worth love, Comes dear’d by being lack’d.”

I always remember this Shakespearean quote as:

“He that is was wished until he were.”

Woke up this morning solving the riddle of the parable of the Loaves and the Fishes.

Solving for myself, I mean, as we each converse with the God of our own understanding.

It is telling us to be grateful where we stand. Not wait.

To Give from what we already Are.

And that there is no Time, capital “T.” Collapsing the IF/THEN continuum lie of linearity as something immutable outside of us.

[Thank you Immanuel Kant.]

That we live in what I term the “Simultaneity of Now.”

That “felt” receiving is already embedded/established within the experience of giving.

And…that what we give is multiplied. That what we covet most is surely diminished.

That our lives can be indistinguishable from Magic, not by a sleight of hand, but by living as an Artist.


By being a welcome vessel, an instrument, an inlet of The Christ energy and light, WITHIN, howsoever defined.

Then interpret and release what comes.  But just make the INVITATION every day.

That what was was so middlingly wished for for so fucking long, has now been accelerated by your daily practice so as to be accepted by your being (not mind-only) as True. A quickening has occurred.

And you Become.

After continual progressions, the infinite repetitions, when your biology finally accepts that you ARE what you say you are, the facts aside, the “felt” Drop occurs, and you now are in Tune. You are now resonant with who you always were.

And after so many years of obsequiously asking the gatekeeper to change her mind, and let you in to speak with the Boss, rather you have actually changed your own (meta) mind first, meaning you are not so full of shit-sounding to yourself as you once were.

Now you witness in awe as your new felt RESONANCE calmly storms her defenses, and she relents, and sweeps you in to see Him.

The “Devil” you are to rebuke and command to stand behind thee, are the dictates of the “primal” thoughts moored to this physical expression only.

Be a professional INVITER, collaborate with Spirit, and vocalize, vocalize, vocalize.

Speak unto the Mountain, and just watch your Goliaths blink, and fall, before you.

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